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You really need to fix the grammer. If the same effort is put into desigining the software as the marketing blurb I would find it hard to trust a product when the intorduction is full of grammatical errors

f , 15.07.2012, 10:54
Idea status: under consideration


RealBull, 15.07.2012, 12:05
Grammatical errors? But what about all of the spelling errors you have in your message? You should talk....
Marghek, 15.07.2012, 12:07
I agree with your comment - but it's "grammar" and "introduction".
But I DO agree with your comment ;)
TJ, 15.07.2012, 15:45
If you're going to correct people and judge them for grammatical errors, shouldn't you use proper "grammer" (and spelling) yourself? After all; an "intorduction" about grammar issues, should be presented correctly. It's not polite to be a hypocrit.
justme, 16.07.2012, 02:28
Totally agree with the people above. Spelling mistakes are even worse in my opinion because it is much easier to learn how to spell than to learn grammar. Spelling is basic, grammar is more complex.

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